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Its a new year!

Normally I would say “hey i should promise to do something to improve myself this year!” No. Enough of those promises to spend every day cleaning for 2 hrs or working out for 30 min or read a book every month. If it happens then it happens! We improve every year regardless what we promise ourselves in January.  I can promise more paintings though! many more new experiences will be had 🙂

Also there are plans for a cupcake or mickey mouse ears or heart to invade every single piece of art this semester! BWAHAHAHAHA!! now for pictures from last semester I haven’t posted.

1. Hades being a cat.

2. Is creepy a way I should go?

3. Merry Christmas! from me to you.

4. I want it to snow. (Digital painting final)

5. Game character roughs based on stereotypes.

6. Minnie is thinking of everything she needs to buy for christmas.

7. Who is the best cupcake mascot? A mom.

8. I want to go back to southern california (illustration travel assignment)


About CuteJujube

A quiet wallflower who surprises you. Loves: art, sweets, tea, books, music, video games, love, dancing, dressing up, culture, and the darker side of life.

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