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Painting and painting…


And more painting! yay!


This past week…


An art off/gallery I entered (I won!!) , a digital landscape of pain, building canvas frames and little caring for political cartoons.

Painting concepts

Duality: Small canvas for a simple color study just to mix paint. The restrained female is a little racy but its interesting to me. The normal girl is meant to look to the side as if longing to be that. Say what you will but some girls like that side of culture. Personally I see that scene as very freeing and has a no-BS view on life.

Lady Guadalupe: I’m sorry but the idea was too cool to resist! if the holy icon that is so connected with the culture that I’m supposed to be a part of is given the pin up treatment then some people will be mad at me but I’m just rolling with my imagination.

Self-portrait: Just painting for paintings sake really. It’s more of a practice in concept thumbnailing and then sharp edges once I get painting.