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The first post!

I make cupcakes for school all the time, Play with my cat, Hang out with friends and find random things, Draw every single day, Research random things, and read when I have time. This is what you will see.
Want recipes? I can give you some. Want some art? Lets talk. Want an opinion? Sure I can give some input.

This is not a Facebook. Updates will not be 7 hours apart. When I have time to post I will!

Summer paintings to start: naughty/nice, Wonderland tea party, Sexy Lady Guadalupe, 1-2 hr selfportraits, Longing Ji-inspired, Artist studies

Drawing Queue: lots of pin ups, figure drawing, men, body parts/anatomy, different medias, still lifes/value studies, character sheets

Random: Tee design, maquette, sculpty charms, new cupcake recipes

I know I wont get all this done before Sep 6 but I can try to knock out most of it.