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Sneak peek


I thought it’d be nice to show you folks a peek at my studio space and recent work.
Too bad you cant see my cat peeking out at me from the closet.


Cups and Cubes.

Teacup for mechanical assignment in digital painting.  I love this ride so much i rode it 3 times.

Also look up for fun paper crafts. I had to design a cube thing on my own with a blank template for computer applications. Twas fun and difficult. You can print it out on any paper but I suggest something other than flimsy printer paper. Also use an exacto blade not scissors. This was a fun papercraft to do 🙂


Mumm-rasHead4    MummRa3

This past week…


An art off/gallery I entered (I won!!) , a digital landscape of pain, building canvas frames and little caring for political cartoons.

Day of the Dead poster

Hahahahahahaha :falls asleep from frustration: I’m redoing this on the computer whenever i have the time. No way im leaving it like this.

Digital painting?!

Digital painting is going well…not really but its okay. Hades will understand. OKAY DONE!! :sigh:

illustration and painting






So far so good. 3 weeks of work and I can feel myself getting better. I still hate looking at myself for hours.

Turntable inspired

More to come. Pancakes first!